Our Story

There’s no limit to being a kid. When we were kids, we thought anything was possible. Back when we were knights, astronauts, and princesses, and not even the sky was the limit. When could we possibly be happier?

At Lola & Hazel, we inspire kids to use their imagination and turn that boundless hope into a timeless state of mind. That through creativity and heart, they can be anything they want to be. Imaginative and creative playtime is essential to a child’s growth, allowing them to develop emotionally, creatively, and intellectually—one day blossoming into kind and honest people. You, as a parent, are a massive part of what makes this all possible. The love and care we give today make sure that, when they are older, they look back on this time of their life and remember it with affection and tenderness. Knowing that no matter where we are in life, a part of us will always be that wide-eyed kid that dreamt of being a knight, an astronaut, a princess.

Smart play makes a positive day.


Treasure parenting.
We want to be around in the early years of our kids’ lives, and that’s why we believe in play- time! Our toys are made with versatility in mind, so that everybody can have a wholesome time. Why not bond with our children while reminding ourselves of our inner one?

Growing differently.
We believe in the warmth of traditional games and toys. Our goods come from some of the most renowned artisan toymakers that bring craftsmanship, education, and imagination to the forefront of their vocation. Our beautifully crafted toys are perfect for playtime and help kids develop intellectually, creatively, and emotionally.

Everything can be a game.
We consider all toys and games to be an outlet for moving our imagination. Role-play and pretend play stimulate creativity, problem- solving, and language skills, supporting social and emotional development. So with a wide selection of playthings, we can turn every day into a new adventure!

Explore and imagine.
Kids should be able to explore the world and its possibilities and, with toys, we can do that without even leaving playtime. Playthings allow them to define their interests and have the freedom to be whatever they want to be.